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How to watch :

Look for the Yellow Text “Watch it here”

See the encircled in the Image above? Click it and it will bring you where the videos are placed.

OR Watch the Video Below

Credits to Pivlat man

If you keep on downloading players :

You don’t have to download anything here. Just follow above on “How to Watch”

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  • Carlitos261

    Can you guys add Breaking Bad to the tv series list. I’ve missed the entire last season. :(

  • Cynthiachua

    why is the video halfway?

  • Zareane

    Would it be possilbe to add one more show, like Breaking Bad? I love your site and couldn’t find it here. :( Just adding this in as a food for thought. Thank you for all you do.

  • Nella_colombo

    Yes please Breaking Bad!!!!

  • Anonymouse

    Breaking Bad!

  • DinoFan-Terranova,Primeval<3

    Hey CouchTuner could you please add Primeval on here? would be SO Awesome!!!!!!!!!!     its a great series

  • Lisa

    Hi. THANk YOU for your site and for sharing. Can you offer any suggestions of sites like yours the offer movies (that can be viewed in Australia)? I find the registration and request for credit card info turns me away. Any advise greatly appricated.
    Thank you again Very Much for your site.
    ALl the best. xx