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Watch The Walking Dead Online at CouchTuner.Eu. Season 5 : The group successfully escapes Terminus when Carol arrives undetected and creates a diversion. Reunited with Tyreese and Judith, the group runs into and rescues a local reverend, Gabriel Stokes, from a pack of walkers. He leads them back to his well-barricaded church, where Eugene reveals his knowledge of a top secret biochemical weapon that can take out every living being on the planet. He believes he can tweak it to target walkers instead. Bob Stookey is kidnapped by Gareth and he and his group of cannibals eats Bob’s leg. Bob reveals that he has been bitten, causing them to return him to Rick and the group. Daryl and Carol are assumed missing; they previously departed to chase after a car Daryl believes was involved in Beth’s disappearance.

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